Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Journal My Year

going to start a new journal for 2012, getting a jump start on it for Dec 2011!!  I will be creating a journal page for each month and logging a thought or something that happened that day for each month.  Here is the start of my journal, the inside page and the December page.


  1. I love your journal, Alana! I'm wondering if I create one that way, if I'd actually get it done. Small space to write is not as intimidating. :)

  2. I like your idea. Good luck with that. I looked thru your blog. I like all the pictures. I especially like the sheep and Japanese ladies.

  3. I love this idea -- I too been planning on creating my own journal for 2011 but in the end never did. I'm not quite sure how to start! Guess I just should make a page with a nice background, cut out paper blocks for the days, and go from there! Love your page! :)